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Have a Pet Safe Halloween

1) No Halloween candy - chocolate or sugar substitute can be very harmful and even deadly

2) Some pranksters can be cruel - pets should remain indoors. Pet ID tag is very important in case of escape with Trick or Treaters stopping

3) Lit candles in or out of jack-o-lanterns should be out of reach of pets. Startled pets can easily knock things over

4) Pet costumes need to fit properly. If it affects sight, hearing, breathing, opening mouth, moving or just is uncomfortable it can cause pets to do unexpected things

5) Keep glow sticks and jewelry away from your pets. Although non-toxic it tastes really bad and pets may salivate excessively and act strangely

6) If your pet is wary of strangers or has a tendency to bite put your pet in another room during trick-or-treating hours or provide your pet with a safe hiding place

7) Keep wires, cords and light sets out of reach. If chewed, your pet could get cut on glass or plastic or even get an electrical shock

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2017 Dog License Sales are not too far away. December is just around the corner so stay tuned and plan to come in and support the animals by getting your dog license from us.

The following Township and Borough governments have chosen not to fund the Humane Society for Animal Control services and residents from Bear Lake, Cherry Grove, Columbus, Eldred, Elk, Farmington, Freehold, Spring Creek, Sugar Grove Township, and Triumph will be required to pay a fee for stray cats beginning January 1, 2014. Any questions contact 726-1961

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