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Trap Rentals

Live Traps Trap Size Trap Type Price/Day
Small Cat $ 1.00
Small Raccoon $ 1.00

Humane Use of Live Traps Procedures and Policies
(Trap only during our open hours, so we may assist you in a timely manor)
1. Establish a food site and begin feeding the animal for a few days then place the trap in the same location. Pick up the food at night so you don't attract other animals. This will improve trapping success.
2. Trap during the day light hours only. Early morning hours are best.
3. Close down traps at 2PM. We don't want you to trap skunks or night animals.
4. Cover the trap with a sheet or towel to keep the animal quite and calm.
5. Set trap in a quite place if possible. Check it every few hours. The animal should not be kept in the trap for a long period of time.
6. Once in the trap DO NOT OPEN!!! Deliver the animal in the trap. Wear gloves for safety.
7. Our hours for accepting trapped animals are from 8am - 11am or 12pm to 3pm. Closed Wednesdays, Sundays and Holidays.
8. Notify your neighbors you will be trapping, so they will not have their pet taken away. We do not want a family pet. We can however, do some education on the safety hazards of allowing your pet to roam.
Once brought into the shelter, the animal is the property of the shelter and will be handled according to our policies. You must notify us if you know the owner of any animal you trap.
Traps must be returned within 72 hours.....
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