I've heard it said before from a couple different people that you find one true connection, one soul connection with one animal once in your life, if you're blessed. I thought they were looney and maybe you'll think the same of me after reading this BUT it's true. I met Sarge at Paws when we were looking to adopt. We visited a couple dogs and were on our way out the door to try to find a match another day. I felt him before I saw him. He was out walking with a volunteer and I turned around and our eyes met, might sound strange to those who have never experienced this BUT I knew him immediately and he knew me too! I turned to Scott and said "that's him, that's the dog we need" I never got to visit him, never even was able to pet him, I never learned anything more about him. We went home and scheduled a visit right away but I was unable to go due to a crisis at work. I called my family and said "go to the visit and bring him home for the week long trial period, but we are keeping him so if we can adopt right away that'd be better." I came home and he greeted me at the door like we had been friends for 100yrs. I wasn't excited to have a new pet, I didn't feel excitement at all. I felt peace like I had finally found a piece of my soul I never knew was missing. We didn't have to learn each other, or adjust to a new routine, it just was. It was natural and profound and like nothing I can explain. He gets me on a level humans can't and I get him on a level humans can't. I've had lots of dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, Ive even had ducks, pet mice, and a horse. I loved every single one of them and still do......but Sarge, there's something way different between us. If you've experienced it you know exactly what I mean, if you haven't you're probably thinking I'm a little strange. Either way I hope you get to feel this bond someday. Best friend doesn't even begin to describe it properly.

💙🐾Thank you Karen and PAWS staff.