"A gentle spirit"

      A small Boston Terrier was found on a deserted road in Farmington Township in late December. The weather was frigid with temperatures below freezing. Did we mention, a Boston Terrier, short hair, small, in December? The family that found her sitting by the edge of the road in the snow, scooped her up and took her home for the night to keep her warm. When they brought her to the Paws Along the River the next day, it was evident that she needed veterinary care. She was older and sickly looking. She was extremely underweight, her skin and coat were dry and brittle and her eyes were red and swollen. After being examined by the doctor, it was found that she had numerous health issues, the most concerning of which was her heart condition. Paws had a difficult decision to make for this small creature that found her way to us. We always say they come to us for a reason. Little did we know that day, about the special reason why this dog came our way. Whoever owned her had neglected her severely. After spending only a short period of time with her, we named her "Ruby." We were smitten with her sweetness and her strong will to live. She had spunk!

      We moved forward with whatever Ruby needed medically. Her emotional and physical needs were tended to with one goal, to get her back in the best health she could be. She gained back her ideal weight, her coat and skin were healthy and shiny and she started to prance on her walks. She loved to be held and was a big people pleaser to all the staff and volunteers. Ruby required heart medicine every day, as well as regular blood work. As you may have guessed the medical care was expensive. Following our mission at Paws to give second chances and to help the animals in need, Paws made the commitment. We were not sure of her age but estimated that she was 10+ years old. Finding a home for an elderly dog with a heart condition was not going to be an easy task, but we were determined. The Paws staff again stepped up to the challenge. Her gentle spirit and the enjoyment she brought all our staff helped find her a new home with Bridget and her family. This family fell in love with Ruby and decided they would do whatever was needed to keep her healthy and strong as long as they could. They had taken on a huge challenge and financial responsibility, but Bridget wanted Ruby to be a therapy dog at the Rouse where she worked. Being a therapy dog at the Rouse was a very prestigious job and for Ruby, one that has changed the life of her new owners and the people's lives she touches every day she is there.

      As you will read on, Ruby goes to work at the Rouse to bring smiles to the residents and staff alike. Ruby is paying it forward. She is a joy to watch do her magic of making people feel good inside. We are thankful for all the families who decide to adopt these remarkable pets from Paws Along The River.


Ruby doing her job...


Ruby- Happy Ever After~!

"Ruby's Forever Story"

      I first met Ruby when Caroline, a Paws volunteer, was visiting with her at The Rouse Home where I work. I thought Ruby was her dog, but the second time I saw them she mentioned that Ruby needed a home. The next day my husband Jeff and I, went to visit her at Paws and set up a meet and greet for August 8, 2015. We learned that she was found abandoned in Warren County in pretty rough shape. The staff at Paws managed to nurse her back to health and save her life. Our dogs did well together and Ruby came home with us that day and our lives have been forever changed. She began going to work with me 3 days a week. The residents adore her and her gentle loving manner really makes everyone smile. She and her brother Rowdy, our 3-year-old Boston Terrier have become best buddies. Although her health issues and age limit her some, she continues to shine bright and spread love each and every day. We are so thankful to have her in our lives.



Ruby & Rowdy