Animal Control  

Call Warren County Dog Control at (814) 726-1961 for picking up strays. Our facility accepts stray animals from the public. Please call (814) 726-1961.

Contact 814-563-3500 for the Warren County Control at the 911 Center to speak with a dispatch officer.  

In the City of Warren after hours, please contact the Warren City Police at (814) 723-2700.


If you find a stray dog, contact PAWS to assist you to help reunite the pet with its owners.  Be careful not to hand over a pet to an unknown person.  PAWS recommends you bring the dog to the shelter so we can examine the dog for microchips and the overall health of the dog.  We ensure that the dog will go back to the rightful owner and the dog receives any veterinary care and a legal license as required by Pennsylvania Law.  

Stray Cats are accepted from the townships in Warren County that support and fund our services.  If you have a stray cat from a township that does not fund our services, there will be a fee for bringing in a cat.  

Townships who do not support and fund our animal services are: Bear Lake, Clarendon Borough, Cherry Grove, Columbus, Eldred, Elk, Farmington, Freehold, Sheffield, Spring Creek, Sugar Grove Township, and Triumph.  If you live in one of these townships, please contact us for fees for stray cats. 

Stray Animals can be dangerous!  If you find a stray, be careful.  Do not approach the animal quickly.  Try to investigate to see if the animal has identification on the collar.  Microchipping is popular so the animal may have a chip, which can be scanned and traced.  Refrain from removing the stray animal from Warren County until we can obtain information on the pet to help return the pet to its owner.  

If you are bitten by a stray dog or cat, the animal will need to be quarantined for 10 days or tested for rabies.  Use Caution at All Times.  

CALL PAWS for questions and assistance with any stray. 

Paws Along The River Humane Society is an Open Admission animal shelter and accepts all domestic animals in need. If you have lost your pet, please see the important information below.

Lost Pet: If you have lost a pet you should follow PAWS lost pet protocols and file a lost pet report with PAWS.  Click here for the Lost Pet protocol and report.

Shelter Procedures for Lost Pets:

  • All stray dogs are held for 48 hours as per State Law
  • Pets with ID Tags on collars, microchips, or other identification are held for at least 10 days while we make every effort to contact their owner, e.g. calling phone numbers listed on any available identification or obtained through a microchip registration company
  • Unclaimed pets are evaluated, provided necessary veterinary care, and must pass temperament testing prior to being placed into our adoption program. Animals may not be adopted until after their stray holding period (48 hours for dogs) has expired.

To identify and reclaim your lost pet do the following (Including but not limited to):

  • Owners must complete a Pet Claim form in-person giving specific information about the pet.
  • Owners must provide veterinary information or records when coming to reclaim their pets. The absence of veterinary care may require the pet to be taken to a veterinarian.
  • Owners must show a current photo ID card, license, or another form of identification.
  • Dog owners must bring written proof of a dog license for Warren County or the County in which they live (PA form AD:EB-37-REV9/2018 for Lifetime License form.) A tag will not be considered proof.
  • Dog and cat owners must bring written proof of rabies vaccination. (NASPHV Form 51). A rabies tag does not include the expiration date or the animal description, so it cannot serve as proof of current vaccination.
  • Two (2) Clear photographs of your pet with you or a member of your household in the photograph.
    For a printable form please click here.

Once ownership has been established, prior to your pet leaving our facility:
In order to identify and reclaim your lost pet, you must do the following, including but not limited to:

  • A boarding fee of $15 per day for each pet must be paid to PAWS.
  • 2nd impoundment within a year - $20 per day boarding fee for each pet paid to PAWS.
  • 3rd impoundment within a year - $25 per day boarding fee for each pet paid to PAWS.

For Dogs: The State Dog Warden or the Police will be notified to file Dog Laws violation charges. Charges can carry fines from $50 - $300.

  • If the owner does not have a current dog license then they must apply for a license at PAWS and purchase the license before taking their dog home. The fee for a license is based on State requirements.
  • The owner must bring a copy of their rabies vaccination certificate. If the owner does not have proof of rabies vaccination, a written Notice to Comply will be issued and they must supply proof of current rabies vaccination to PAWS within 10 days of reclaiming the pet.
  • Follow-up veterinary care may be required as determined by Paws Along The River's Humane Society Police Officer for Warren County.

Please note: PAWS is not required to return a pet to its owner until PA Law licensing and rabies vaccination are met. Paws Along The River Humane Society reserves the right to make the final determination for a person reclaiming a pet.

Paws Along The River Humane Society is committed to returning pets to their rightful owners. The questions asked are to verify ownership. Thanking our staff for providing a safe haven for your pet is appreciated. We are responsible for the animals in our care and to ensure that pets are returned safely and receive necessary follow-up care as provided by the PA Laws. 

For every pet who arrives at PAWS, we keep in mind each animal’s individual needs.  There is no time limit or predetermined length of stay for any of the animals in our care.  The vast majority of pets are placed for adoption.  We keep all dogs for a minimum of 10 days, cats vary on their time here. The animals are temperament tested and matched with an exercise buddy for dogs. All behavior and health issues are addressed at this time.  Volunteers play an important part in socialization.  Staff and volunteers evaluate the behaviors and the adjustments each pet makes during their stay at PAWS.  At times, we may ask a breed-specific rescue or another shelter for assistance, however, PAWS is committed to helping the animals that come to us. 

  • Veterinary care
  • A rehabilitative program to help pets make adjustments and tackle their behavior issues.
  • When needed a temporary foster is asked to care for the pet short term so we can gather important information to help in our placement of the pet.
  • We use every effort to reunite lost pets with their owners.

   Most lost pets can be found if you take action immediately!


   Report to & file lost pet report with:

Warren County Dog Control

(814) 726-3604

Paws Along the River

(814) 726-1961

   Post lost pet on Facebook:

   Report lost pet to Police – (814) 563-3500




  • Local Newspapers
  • Local Radio Stations
  • Local Humane Societies
  • Local Police
  • Local Veterinarians
  • Place posters in your neighborhood
  • Post on Facebook

Prevent a tragedy before it happens

  • Keep a collar and ID tag on at all times
  • Write phone number on the collar with a marker
  • Rabies Tag - write phone # on back
  • Keep collar tightened so two fingers will fit under it
  • Check tie-outs and door locks often

Warren County Dog Licenses may be purchased at the following locations:
(Some locations may change without notice please verify locations and hours before traveling)
(Purchase current license before Feb. 1st to avoid $50 - $300 fine + court cost / per dog)

All dogs three months of age or older must be licensed - Click here for more details.

2021 Dog Licenses are now available for sale at Paws Along the River.  Due to COVID-19 restrictions, please call ahead to schedule your appointment. 

Paws Along the River
212 Elm Street
Warren, PA 16365
(814) 726-1961

Warren County Treasurer
Warren County Courthouse
Warren, PA 16365
(814) 728-3415

Lottsville Milling Inc.
RR 1
Bear Lake, PA 16402
(814) 489-3977 Click here to purchase.

Lifetime Dog Licensing Information

(Information is subject to change without notice & Paws Along the River is not liable for any discrepancies)


  • Dog Owner obtains Lifetime Application and Permanent ID Verification Form from Treasurer (pays  issue/registration fee ) or Person implanting a microchip
  • Dog Owner has a microchip implanted by a licensed veterinarian or licensed kennel - OR - if previously microchipped have licensed veterinarian or licensed kennel use a scanner to obtain the microchip number
  • Permanent Identification form must be completed by owner and person inserting/scanning microchip and pay  Microchip Fee
  • Dog Owner delivers completed forms to County Treasurer who completes Lifetime License Certificate and pays  issue/registration fee  if not already paid
  • Treasurer completes Lifetime License Certificate, files Treasurer's copy of Permanent ID Verification form and issues Lifetime Tag

Issue/Registration Fee's
(For accurate pricing call County Treasurer)

Prices are subject to change




Regular Fee



Senior Fee





Live traps are available for rental at the rate of $1.00 per day if returned within 72 hours.  After 72 hours it is $2.00 per day per trap.  A maximum of two traps may be rented per individual. 

Humane Use of Live Traps Procedures and Policies

(Trap only during our open hours, so we may assist you in a timely manner)

1. Establish a food site and begin feeding the animal for a few days then place the trap in the same location. Pick up the food at night so you don't attract other animals. This will improve trapping success.

2. Trap during the daylight hours only. Early morning hours are best.

3. Close down traps at 2 PM. We don't want you to trap skunks or other night animals.

4. Cover the trap with a sheet or towel to keep the animal quiet and calm.

5. Set trap in a quiet place if possible. Check it every few hours. The animal should not be kept in the trap for a long period of time.

6. Once in the trap DO NOT OPEN!!! Deliver the animal in the trap. Wear gloves for safety.

7. Our hours for accepting trapped animals are from 8 am - 11 am or 12 pm to 3 pm. We are closed Wednesdays, Sundays, and Holidays.

8. Notify your neighbors you will be trapping so they will not have their pet taken away. We do not want a family pet. We can however, do some education on the safety hazards of allowing your pet to roam.


Once brought into the shelter, the animal is the property of the shelter and will be handled according to our policies. You must notify us if you know the owner of any animal you trap.  PAWS does not give out any information on any animal no longer at the shelter.

PAWS representatives understand how difficult it is when your beloved pet has passed away or to arrive at the decision that a beloved pet must be euthanized. We can help you through this process.


    Paws Along the River has had a history of caring for Warren County's animals for over 75 years. We offer cremation services because we feel we need to honor your family member after they pass. We treat your pet the same way we would treat ours, with the utmost care and compassion.

    If you choose our cremation services remember you can advise your veterinarian that you want Paws Along the River to do your cremation. You can bring your pet here directly or we can pick your pet up from the veterinarian. It is your right to request who performs this special service for you and your family. All animals for cremation must have their collars removed and no toys or blankets please.

Our caring staff will treat your beloved pet like they are our own. Contact us at 814-726-1961 for more information and to make arrangements for cremation services.

Cremations Fees:

Private Cremation - Return of Remains
Pounds Price  
1-25 $ 90  
26-50 $ 120  
51-90 $ 130  
91-130 $ 175  
131-180 $ 195  
181-200 $ 225  
Regular Cremation - No Return of Remains
Pounds Price
1-25 $ 50
26-45 $ 70
46-65 $ 85
66-90 $ 95
91-120 $ 110
121-150 $ 125
151-200 $ 153

Grieving the Loss of Your Pet

The loss of a pet can be like losing your best friend. It’s important to grieve this loss and work through the emotions. People grieve the loss of a pet in different ways. Most people will experience the seven stages of grief (shock, denial, bargaining, anger, guilt, sorrow, and acceptance), but the amount of time spent in each stage may vary greatly.

The American Humane Society offers these tips to help through the grieving process:

  • It’s OK to cry and show outward signs of grief for your pet. The human-animal bond is very strong, and for many people, the loss of a pet is felt as deeply as the loss of a close friend or family member.
  • Talk about your pet with friends and family, including the good times, the bad times, and even the way it ended (if you choose). Sharing the wonderful memories you have of your pet will help you progress through the grieving process.
  • Have a memorial service for your pet. Whether you bury your pet in your backyard, scatter his ashes in the woods or simply go to his favorite dog park, you can honor his memory by holding a service. Include the entire family and pray together, recall favorite memories, or plant a tree or flower garden in your pet’s memory.
  • Join a pet bereavement support group. Check with your local animal shelter for more information on finding one of these groups or a pet bereavement hotline.
  • Refer to magazines and literature that can offer support at this difficult time.
  • Let yourself feel the pain and loss, but remember to also appreciate all the years you spent together with your beloved companion.
  • Make a donation in your pet’s honor to your local animal shelter. Many shelters have a memorial donation program with either a wall or garden where you can have a brick engraved with your pet’s name. Not only will you create a lasting tribute to your pet, but you will also be helping save the lives of homeless shelter animals. Click here for Memorial Donations at PAWS